Apparel Manufacturing Process

Garment companies typically buy fabric from different fabric suppliers in order to make garments. The factory merchandiser is in charge of some pre-production procedures before obtaining the cloth.

The pre-production phase involves the actions listed below.

  •  Pattern making,

  • Cutting

  •  Sublimation

  •  Screen Printing & Embroidery

  • Checking

  •  Fusing & Pressing

  •  Packging & Fishing

Pattern Making

Whatever sport your team plays, we can create a personalized design for each member of your team, complete with player-specific names, numbers, and sizes. We manufacture sports uniforms for all sports teams. Our skilled designers will create a professional design for your uniform at no extra cost for custom designing, even if you just provide us a sketch.

When creating a prototype, a design’s initial pattern is created. As the sample development process went on, the patterns were adjusted and corrected, and during the creation of the size set sample, the patterns were graded. Following the approval of the PP sample, the final patterns are approved.

Spreading ,Form Layout & Cutting

To prepare the fabric for cutting, it must first be cut into consistent plies and then spread manually or with the aid of a computer-controlled device. The cloth is extended to:

enable operators to see fabric flaws, regulate the fabric’s tension and slack while cutting, and guarantee that each ply is precisely positioned on top of the others.
Depending on the fabric type, spreading technique, cutting tools, and garment order size, each spread has a different amount of plies.

Screen Printing & Embroidery

Screen Printing

Custom screen printing is available from King of Apparel for your team’s uniforms, school uniforms, polo shirts, fleece hoodies, t-shirts, cheerleading outfits, and any other sportswear. The names of the players, the team, the school, and even the numbers are screen printed. We start with your artwork and provide free, expert design for your bespoke sportswear. You’ll be surprised by how quickly we can complete the design.


Applique and Embroidery

Your team jerseys can be nicely branded with an embroidery applique. We can embroider your logo on variety of items, including T-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, team uniforms, school uniforms, and decorative designs in one or more colors. The colors of the thread are precisely matched to the color of your logo; glitter and shiny threads are also available to improve the appearance.


It is reasonable to expect that a certain percentage of clothing will always be rejected for various reasons, regardless matter how well quality control or inspection systems are implemented inside a factory. The optimal method for performing quality assurance is by

defining a benchmark as a criteria for gauging the attainment of quality.
It is possible to quantify and contrast production outcomes with the intended quality standard.

If there are any deviations from the plans, corrective action must be taken.
Any system should ideally use forecasting to identify potential deviations before they happen. Less defective work will result in higher-quality goods and increase productivity and economy.

Establish Your Brand

To help your team stand out from the competition, we design and manufacture bespoke sports uniforms. Why purchase uniform that is similar to many others? Develop your own identity with unique logos and designs. We supply your squad with uniform that gives you WINNING LOOK.


 King of Apparel is an expert at applying top-notch sublimation processes to give your uniforms dazzling appearance. Using sublimation ink, your design is first printed on roll of paper. The printed paper and fabric are then fused together at high temperature, vaporizing the ink onto the fabric.

The connecting of components is the primary process in the apparel manufacturing process. Stitching is completed in accordance with the buyer’s specifications. To finish the sewing process, computerized sewing machines or high power single needles are used. Particularly used are fusing machines for collar components, button and buttonhole fusion, and button and buttonhole sewing machines.

Fusing & Pressing

In King of Apparel we an item of clothing is finished being sewed and put together, it is moved to the facility’s ironing area for the last pressing.

The fundamental elements of pressing are:

Heat and steam are required to relax the cloth and make it sufficiently malleable to be manipulated into a desired shape.
Pressure: After steam has loosened the fabric, pressure is used to move the fibers into their new locations.
Drying: The item or clothing needs to be cooled and dried once steam and pressure are applied in order for the fabric to return to its original state. This is accomplished by a suction operation that cools the fabric while removing excess water from it. Certain pressure procedures employ infrared heating or hot air.

Pressing and finishing equipment includes

Using vacuum press table and hand irons

Press of scissors

Turning wheels

Dolly for steam

Packaging and Shipping

The final processes in preparing a product for retail include folding, tagging, sizing, and packing items in accordance with consumer requirements. In order to keep the material neat and pressed while transportation, clothes can also be manually or automatically packed in protective plastic bags. Finally, clothes are packaged in cardboard boxes and sent to client distribution sites where they will finally be retailed.