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Sports Wear

Sports Wear/tshirt/hoodies/sweatshirt/karatesuit/gymwear/kingwear

Clothes worn for sports or physical activity, including footwear, is referred to as sportswear or activewear. For practical, comfortable, or safety reasons, most sports and physical activities need the wear of sport-specific apparel.

Tracksuits, shorts, polo shirts, and T-shirts are common sportswear items. Swimsuits for swimming, wet suits for diving or surfing, ski suits for skiing, and leotards for gymnastics are examples of specialized clothing. Sportswear also contains certain crop tops and bikinis. Sometimes people dress casually in athletic clothes.


Athletes use a variety of outfits for the majority of sports, such as shirts, pants, and sport shoes. Certain sports may need the use of protective equipment, such as body armor for American football players or helmets. Jockstraps, sometimes known as jillstraps, are typical equipment at higher levels of play, especially in team sports that involve blocking, intercepting, or pursuing small, hard projectiles like baseball, hockey, and cricket (where balls or pucks are struck at velocities in excess of 100 miles per hour (45 m/s). Some undergarments provide a combination of comfort and protection, like the sports bra. Though designed to be worn for sports, some protective or supportive orthotics—particularly flexible harnesses and braces—resemble and work like undergarments. These are not typically regarded of as.

Jackets & Coats

A jacket is an upper-body item of clothing that often falls below the hips.[1] Usually fastened in the front or somewhat on the side, a jacket has sleeves. As apparel, a jacket is often lighter, more form-fitting, and less insulating than a coat. While some jackets are functional pieces of apparel, others are only stylish accessories. Vests are jackets without sleeves.

Warm Jackets

The elegant Hungarian shell-jacket, or atilla, is adorned with knots and braided string.
A ball jacket is a casual jacket with knitted collar, waistband, and cuffs that is sometimes mistaken for a baseball or football jacket. The front is zippered.A bed jacket is a lightweight jacket that is worn in bed. A blazer is a more casual version of a suit jacket, usually made of strong material and featuring one or two double breasted pockets, usually fastened with metal buttons.
A waist-length military-style jacket called a blouson.
Everyone wears a bolero, a very short jacket that was first worn by matadors.
The bomber jacket, a leather or nylon blouse initially created for US air pilots.
chef’s coat Originally worn as workwear, the chore jacket or chore coat is a sturdy denim or other fabric jacket featuring big front pockets.A dinner jacket is required for evening formal attire under the black tie dress code. Also referred to as a tuxedo and a dinner suit.Jacket made of donkeysDoublet (apparel)
A quilted jacket packed with down feathers is called a down jacket.General Dwight Eisenhower introduced the waist-length, fitting, military-inspired Eisenhower jacket, which was modeled after the British Army’s Battle Dress jacket during World War II.


Cloth, knitted or felted wool, leather, rubber, latex, neoprene, silk, and (in mail) metal are among the materials used to make gloves. Kevlar gloves shield the wearer from cuts. Spacesuits and pressure suits are incomplete without gloves and gauntlets.

Health care workers frequently use latex, nitrile rubber, or vinyl disposable gloves as a precaution against contamination. In order to preserve evidence at crime scenes, police officers frequently wear them while working there. To prevent leaving fingerprints, many thieves use gloves, which complicates the process of investigating crimes. Still, the gloves themselves have the ability to leave prints as distinctive as those left by people.

Commercial & Industrial

Gloves used in food service
gloves for gardening
Gloves with impact protection
gloves for medicine
military-style gloves
Gloves made of rubber
Gloves for sandblasting
Gloves for welders

Sport and recreational

Different position gloves for American football.Glove of an archer.A baseball glove, also known as a catcher’s mitt, is worn by baseball players on the field to aid with ball reception and shield their hands from potential harm.Glove for pool.Boxing gloves are customized mittens with padding.gloves for cricket.To protect their fingers from potential ball strikes, batsmen wear gloves with thick padding on the back.Large webbed gloves are worn by the wicket keeper.Cycling mitts.Improved grip on the steering wheel is the goal of driving gloves. Driving mitts have air holes, open backs, exposed knuckles, short cuffs, and wrist snaps. The most opulent are constructed from leather that glows from Peccary.The glove of Eton Five.Glove for falconr.
Gloves for fencing.Goalkeeper glove for football.Glove for cleat