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King of Apparel understands that style is key. Their Windbreaker collection features designs that effortlessly blend fashion with functionality.

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Product details

Fabric Type
100% Polyester
Care Instructions
Machine Wash

About this item

  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY:  Women’s Flash Forward Windbreaker features our signature water and stain resistant fabric that helps you stay clean and dry by resisting absorption of liquids.
  • HANDY FEATURES: Two side zippered hand pockets not only keep your small items secure but also keep your hands nice and toasty.
  • ADJUSTABLE FEATURES: Elastic cuffs, a drawcord adjustable hood and hem, and a front zip closure help provide a customizable fit.
  • DURABLE FABRIC: 100% polyester shell and lining keeps you warm and comfortable no matter the activity.
  • VERSATILE: A lightweight make and adjustable features make this jacket versatile enough for everyday winter wear.

Product Description

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY:  Men’s Havasu Valley Stretch Windbreaker features our signature water and wind resistant fabric that helps you stay clean and dry by resisting absorption of liquids.

Conquering the Wind in Style: King of Apparel’s Windbreaker Collection

The wind howls, leaves dance, and rain threatens to turn your day into a soggy mess. But fear not, brave adventurer, for King of Apparel has your back (and front, and arms) covered with the ultimate weapon against the elements: the legendary windbreaker.

Imagine this: You step out into the tempest, the wind whipping around you. But instead of cowering, you stand tall, your King of Apparel windbreaker forming an impenetrable shield against the elements. The lightweight, water-resistant fabric whispers promises of dry comfort, while the strategically placed vents keep you cool and fresh even as the storm rages. Every step feels confident, the jacket adapting to your every move with effortless grace.

A Symphony of Styles:

Just like snowflakes, no two storms are alike. That’s why King of Apparel offers a diverse symphony of windbreakers, each a unique expression of your personality and resilience.

  • The Classic Shell: Conquer the concrete jungle or the mountain trail in our timeless, packable shell. The clean lines and minimalist design never go out of style, while the hidden hood emerges like a superhero’s cape when the heavens open.

  • The Sporty Hero: Train like a champion in our lightweight, breathable windbreaker. The moisture-wicking fabric keeps you dry and comfortable, while the reflective accents ensure you shine even in the darkest downpours.

  • The Urban Explorer: Own the city streets in our sleek, stylish windbreaker. The water-resistant fabric protects you from the elements, while the trendy details turn heads wherever you go.

    Men’s Windbreaker Jacket.


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